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Competency-based Interview Training

Interviewing and Assessor Skills (E-learning)

Covering the combined content of the ‘Become an Assessor’ and ‘Interviewing’ options, this course explains the overall process of assessment centres and how they should be structured for recruitment. Advantages and disadvantages of different assessment methods are considered so that the right assessments are chosen for each job role.

The course explains the concept of competency-based interviewing and how these interviews should be conducted using the STAR technique. Ensuring that assessment ratings are objective and accurate and correctly evaluated using the popular ORCE methodology will help to identify the best candidates for each job.

Course content

1 An introduction to Assessment Centres
This module introduces assessment centres, their use and history. This module explores advantages and disadvantages of using assessment centres, which allows the user to understand when this approach is appropriate and the potential pitfalls.

2 An Introduction to Interviewing
This module introduces types of interview and their corresponding advantages and disadvantages. This module also explores when competency based interviewing is suitable and what aspects contribute to creating a successful interview.


3 Assessment Principles
This module explores how effective competency based interviews are in comparison to other assessment methods. This module also presents best practice principles and legislation such as the Data Protection Act, The Equalities Act and discrimination.

4 Understanding the Role
This module explains the process of conducting a job analysis, defines competencies and explores different ways in which these can be assessed using positive and negative behavioural indicators.

5 Designing Assessment Centres - the ASSESS Approach
This module describes the process of designing an assessment centre including the types of exercises which can be used, how to develop an assessment centre matrix and time tabling.

6 How to Conduct Interviews
This module describes the process of conducting competency based interviews including the structure of the interview, the types of questions which can be used and the STAR technique.

7 Observe, Record, Classify & Evaluate (ORCE)
This module explains the ORCE (Observe, Record, Classify, Evaluate) method. This module also presents the various sources of bias which can occur during assessment.

Who it it for?

HR professionals and recruiters who want to run assessment centres using competency-based interviews.

Number of Modules



4 hours



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