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The Influence Style Indicator (ISI) defines influence as “the interpersonal behaviours that we use to have a positive impact on another party’s choices.”

Using this definition, the Influence Style Indicator measures an individual’s preferred styles as they influence others. The assessment assesses the respondent’s dominant and under-utilised influencing styles, also how to identify others’ preferred styles.


To become a qualified user of the Change Style Indicator, Psysoft offer a blended certification which can be completed remotely in three steps:

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Inspiring - You advocate by presenting a sense of shared purpose and exciting possibilities.

Bridging - You advocate by connecting, building relationships and  coalitions.

Rationalizing - You advocate by offering logic, rational reasons and data.

Asserting - You advocate by debate, insisting your ideas are heard and challenging the ideas of others.

Negotiating - You advocate through compromises, concessions and trade-offs to reach outcomes that satisfy your greater interest.