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Competency-based Interview Training

The Fundamentals of Psychometric Testing (E-learning)

Psychometric tests are increasingly used by organisations for recruitment and employee development. This course will explain the different types of tests available and the process of choosing the most effective assessments for the required context. It includes the importance of ensuring that tests are reliable and valid and fit for purpose. The best practice module will help you to ensure the tests are used fairly and objectively and comply with current legislation. The course will cover personality theory and how personality assessments can be used to provide additional information for recruitment or development.

Course content

1 Introduction to Psychometric Testing

This module introduces you to psychometric assessments by explaining how tests have developed over time, and why and when they should be used. You will learn about the various types of psychometric tests available including ability tests and personality assessments (Module 6 explains personality theory in more detail).

2 Making Scores Meaningful 

This module explains how to convert raw scores into meaningful scores by using comparison groups. You will learn how to set cut-offs and to describe the ‘shape’ of a set of scores using techniques such as norm referencing, measures of central tendency, measures of spread and the normal distribution curve.

3 Test Accuracy and Relevance (Reliability and Validity)

This module will outline how to choose the right test for the right purpose and how to ensure the test you select is providing accurate results. You will learn how to assess these key properties and the margin of error which can impact any psychometric test.

4 Reliability and Validity In Depth

This module draws on the previous module by enhancing your knowledge of the reliability and validity of psychometric tests and how these are measured. It explains validity studies, significance tables, cost analyses and statistical significance.

5 Best Practice

This module ensures you understand the legal issues surrounding psychometric testing, what is included in objective testing and whether you need a fair testing policy in your organisation. You will learn about types of discrimination, forms of reasonable adjustments, the shelf life of results and confidentiality issues surrounding psychometric testing.

6 Personality Theory

This module delves into personality theory and the key debates such as nature versus nurture and free will. You will also learn about the prominent personality theories and the biological basis of personality differences. You will also gain an understanding of the key validity indicators you need to be aware of when using personality assessments.

Who it it for?

HR professionals and recruiters who want to understand how to use and interpret psychometric tests.

Number of Modules



5 hours



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