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The NEO-PI-3 is internationally recognised as the ‘gold standard’ instrument with which to measure personality. The five broad domains measured are Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness to Experience, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness. Each of these five domains is divided into a further six facets, meaning there are thirty areas of personality which predict employees’ work behaviour including leadership style, team style, decision-making and stress management.

What is the NEO-PI-3 used for?

The NEO-PI-3 is a versatile tool and is popular for:


Sample Reports

NEO-PI-3 Technical Report

NEO-PI-3 Personal Insight Report

NEO-PI-3 Primary Colours Leadership Report


The NEO-PI-3 was developed by Costa, P.T. and McCrae, R. and is distributed by Hogrefe. The current UK Edition NEO-PI-3 was published in 2015, replacing the previous NEO PI-R.

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Please note that we no longer provide certification training in the NEO-PI-3. However please contact us to discuss other products you may find useful.