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Pearman Personality Integrator

The Pearman Personality Integrator™

The Pearman Personality Integrator™ sets a new standard for assessing personality. With an innovative assessment experience coupled with a deeper look into the individuality of personality type, the Pearman provides a measure of personality in one’s natural state (i.e. what is most comfortable) and in one’s every day environment (i.e. what is most often demonstrated). It also explores any disconnects your clients have by providing insight into their level of flexibility, agility and resilience.

​Going back to the roots of personality type theory while incorporating new insights into the way individuals operate in the 21st century, the Pearman is perfectly suited for use with your talent development initiatives.

Understanding personality patterns

The Pearman Personality Integrator is based on understanding an individual’s personality at multiple levels and explores the complexities of personality patterns.  From how someone interacts with the external or internal world, to how they take in information and make decisions, and the combination of those individual pieces (i.e. mental functions), the Pearman assesses the fundamental components of personality.

The Pearman assessment provides the freedom of representing personality along a continuum and does not require choosing a preference for one personality type over another.

The Pearman Personality Integrator can be used in a number of contexts, including:

What people say

“I have recently completed the certification on the Pearman Personality Integrator through Psysoft and had the opportunity to use this tool with two managers at our charity as part of their personal development. Both these managers commented on how easy the online questionnaire was to navigate using the “slider” function.

When having the coaching conversation about the results, both managers commented on how they found it interesting that their reports described their natural and demonstrated types of behaviour. We had detailed discussions on how their “Flex Index” showed their adaptability between these behaviours. Both the managers commented on how this tool has helped them have new insight into their personality which focused on how they function in the world both naturally and in a demonstrated way”.

Craig Hardaker, HR Manager, Morden College

“A really interesting tool with some quality pre-course work to get you going. An interesting psychometric tool that offers a good mix of trait and type-based approaches to personality. This new tool gives insights into key concepts such as introversion/extraversion, information-processing and decision-making style, intuition, natural style and demonstrated behaviours. It also measures the extent to which we have agility and resilience to solve problems, stay calm, connected with others and seek out new experiences. In all, a great tool, packaged in a highly accessible, attractive format that can be attuned to the client's needs by, for instance, applying a leadership focus, or a development lens.”

Jan de Jonge, Business Psychologist


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