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February 20th 2017

Have you heard about the Pearman Personality Integrator?

The Pearman Personality Integrator has the capacity to generate over 1,000,000 unique personality type profiles. Measuring both an individual's natural preference and their demonstrated personality, the Pearman moves away from traditional personality type assessments.

More Flexibility...
As we go through our daily lives, we are required to adapt to our surroundings and engage with behaviours which may not be the most comfortable. The Pearman taps into your mental flexibility and agility and answers the question "how can I become more flexible?" using the FlexIndex. The FlexIndex is an innovative model consisting of five skills which, when used appropriately, can aid flexible working styles and create a more comfortable environment.
More Applications...
The Pearman is a versatile tool which can be used in a variety of settings and with individuals from all levels of an organisation. With the help of the "Leadership Lens" you can unlock Leadership potential in your employees, while the "Workplace Lens" provides insights into how your employees' personalities may be influencing their behaviour at work.
More Insight...
The individual’s scores are presented using “Circle Scores”. These contrast their results for each of the personality types. Each circle contains two components: the letter classification (highlighting the personality type they're more comfortable with)  and the circle score (highlighting the strength of this preference). There are both “Natural” circles and “Demonstrated” circles for each personality attitude or function.
Upcoming course dates:
7th & 8th March 2017
6th & 7th June 2017
5th & 6th September 2017
28th &  29th November 2017
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